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We’re listening to stakeholders in the region who will be affected or impacted by land use policies and the agriculture sector. 

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We want to hear from Stakeholders in our Region who will be affected or impacted by land use policies in support of the agriculture sector. Register here.

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Stakeholder engagement on the Regional Agriculture Master Plan has concluded.

On behalf of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board, we would like to thank all stakeholders who provided valuable feedback and shared their perspectives on the future of agriculture in the region.

We heard from farmers, ranchers, landowners, and agri-food business operators from all 13 municipalities across the region who are impacted and affected by agriculture.

We’ve heard, loud and clear, the importance of land use in supporting a strong future for agriculture and the agri-food sector. Feedback provided by stakeholders will guide further work on the first-ever Regional Agriculture Master Plan, and will support the implementation of Re-imagine. Plan. Build, our regional growth plan.

Next Steps

EMRB is now reviewing feedback and will be preparing a draft What We Heard Report for validation with stakeholders.

A final What We Heard report, including recommendations from stakeholder engagement, will be presented to the RAMP Task Force in early 2021 and will guide the development of Regional Agriculture Master Plan policies.

The final Regional Agriculture Master Plan will be submitted to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board for approval in June 2021.

RAMP Process

While formal stakeholder engagement has concluded, we encourage citizens and stakeholders across the region to learn more about the Regional Agriculture Master Plan.

If you have questions or require more information,
please contact us at:
letstalkRAMP@emrb.ca or give us a call at: 780.638.6000

Explore the Frequently Asked Questions about RAMP Stakeholder Engagement HERE

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