Let's Talk Regional Agriculture

We’re listening to stakeholders in the Region who may be affected or impacted by changes to land use policies and the agriculture sector. 

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We want to hear from Stakeholders in our Region who will be affected or impacted by land use policies in support of the agriculture sector. Register here.


The engagement period is now closed.

The Regional Agriculture Master Plan (RAMP) is required under the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan, which was approved by the Government of Alberta in 2017.

The decisions made in the RAMP will affect the thirteen cities, towns, and counties in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

What have we asked stakeholders?

In 2020, we completed the first round of stakeholder consultation on the Regional Agriculture Master Plan.

Our team used the insights collected in that process to create several draft land-use policies to shape regional planning around agricultural lands.

Further to developing the draft policies, we undertook another round of public engagement between May 18 and June 10, 2021. We wanted to understand how farmers, producers, ranchers, and landowners, as well as municipal leaders and invested residents, feel about the draft policies.

Read the RAMP engagement discussion guide here and review the survey questions here.

For more information, please contact letstalkRAMP@emrb.ca.

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