The Edmonton Metropolitan Region

Regional Action. Global Opportunity.

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region

Regional Action. Global Opportunity.

This is the Edmonton Metropolitan Region

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is a collection of diverse communities, cooperating to bolster each other’s strengths, enhance connections, and represent our value to the world. Together, our communities form a complete and sustainably growing Region with something to suit every ambition.

EMRB Basemap

The Region includes 13 diverse and connected municipalities (6 cities, 3  towns and in 4 counties) with about 33% of Alberta’s population, covering 9,439 square kilometers or 1.4% of Alberta’s land mass around Alberta’s provincial capital city.

  • Population: 1.3 million (2016)
  • Jobs: 725,000 (30% of Alberta’s GDP) (2016)

We are one of the fastest growing regions in all of Canada.

As we grow, our citizens are setting the pace for the development of a vibrant, resilient, and connected economic and social sphere – which has an increasingly prominent place on the global stage.

Who is the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB)?

Regional Action. Global Opportunity.

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) consists of an elected official from each of the thirteen largest municipalities in the Edmonton Region, who are responsible for planning and overseeing the implementation of a 30-year Regional Growth Management Plan, titled Re-imagine. Plan. Build. Several initiatives from this plan are in development, including a Metropolitan Region Servicing Plan, an Integrated Regional Transportation Master Plan, a Regional Broadband strategy, and a Regional Agriculture Master Plan (RAMP).

The Board’s main function is to plan for the growth of this Region in a strategic, coordinated, and integrated way, preserving the unique characteristics of each municipality while ensuring the long-term sustainability and prosperity of the Region as a whole, for all citizens in the Region.

Wherever efficiency, innovation, and sustainability can come together, the EMRB has a role to play, leveraging collaborative expertise to gain economies of scale, enhance regional prosperity, and improve the overall quality of life for every resident in the Region.

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