Regional Agriculture Master Plan Regional Agriculture
Master Plan

The Regional Agriculture Master Plan is the first-ever regional planning initiative for agriculture in the Region. Municipalities in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region have recognized that a strong future for agriculture starts with the land. Our Regional Agriculture Master Plan is how we’ll plan to make sure agriculture, the agricultural economy, and our communities have the room to grow – together.

Please visit RAMP Stakeholder Engagement for more information on upcoming stakeholder engagement opportunities and to provide your feedback on draft land use policies under the Regional Agriculture Master Plan.

What Is RAMP

What Is RAMP?

Our Regional Agriculture Master Plan (RAMP) will provide our Region with policies to effectively manage land use for the future of agriculture and the agriculture sector

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RAMP Stakeholder Engagement

RAMP Stakeholder Engagement

We want to hear from Stakeholders in our Region who will be affected or impacted by land use policies in support of the agriculture sector

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About the EMRB

Who Is The EMRB?

Regional Action. Global Opportunity.

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